Before You Comment


(If you were invited here to continue a conversation this does not apply to you.)

Occasionally I place a link to an article posted here on a public forum or on someone’s blog in response to a comment and visitors of those sites follow the link, come across several articles that they disagree with and feel the need to correct me. Because of that I need to clarify some things:

  1. I don’t mind the occasional visitor and conversation as long as it is respectful and gives promise of being fruitful.
  2. However, on a typical week, I usually have no more than an hour available to contribute to this blog.
  3. Because of this, my primary reason for having it at this time is to have a place where I save my own articles as opposed to posting them on a public forum or on someone else’s blog where they get lost in the comments in a few hours.

So feel free to leave a comment but know that depending on the circumstances your comment might not get published at all, might get published after several days or weeks or might get moved to a different location where our conversation will remain private from the rest of the blog. This is to prevent a situation where I either have to respond to a lot of comments that I don’t have time for or to leave too many comments with no response. Also, be aware that whatever you’re about to say, there is a very good chance I’ve heard it before.