Issues that Embarrass Christianity

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Even though I primarily argue with Atheists, this particular article will likely alienate the majority of Christians as well. However, I am not writing any of this because I have something against the people that hold these views or belong to these groups but simply because I have participated in enough conversations with atheists to see these themes come up again and again.

So basically after hundreds of discussions with Atheists several arguments against Christianity seem to come up over and over. Now sometimes these arguments deal with things that are an essential part of Christian belief. But many times however these arguments have to do with things that are unnecessary and, in my opinion, an embarrassment to Christianity. Here is an open list that I have compiled so far:

1) Catholicism – Here I am basically clumping together a long list of arguments that have something to do with the Catholic Church; arguments that atheists bring against Christianity but really apply to the Catholic Church. These might have to do with:

  • Historical Actions – Crusades, Inquisition, the oppression of science etc.
  • Modern Actions – Childs abuse scandals etc.
  • Unique Beliefs – Mary, purgatory, infallibility, etc.

2) Calvinism – These arguments typically deal with God’s sovereignty, predestination, total depravity, once-saved always-saved etc. especially when these are taken in conjunction with point number 3 below.

3) Eternal Torment – The belief that God will torture the unsaved in hell for eternity.

4) Pentecostalism – the emphasis on charismatic experiences, speaking in tongues, emotional manipulation etc. that make Christians appear mentally unbalanced.

5) Evolution – Although Christians reject evolution, they have failed to come up with a reasonable scientific alternative for 150 years now.

6) Israel – the idea that Israel is still God’s chosen nation and that we should support them regardless of whether they’re in the right or not.

7) Church/State – constant attempts to tear away at the wall of separation between church and state forgetting that church/state unions have always led to oppression either by the state or by the church.

8) Prosperity Gospel – the preaching that becoming a Christian will lead to temporal prosperity (usually only of the prosperity preacher)

9) Enormous number of denominations and general disagreement among Christians

10) The lives of most Christians

11) — might add more if I think of them…

None of these things should have ever had any connection with Christianity and yet are the cause of a large majority of accusations that non-Christians bring against the Christian religion.


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