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I am making this to keep track of comments I still need to answer since I am losing track of where they all are. Feel free to let me know here if there is anything else I need to address.



  1. Unapologetics  February 2, 2014

    Respond to comment on ‘To Prove God Exists’

    • jonP  February 2, 2014

      Do you mean my explanation for bayesian statistics, and why starting from no knowledge of god, you can do no better than just guessing at it’s existence? I did not see your comment.

      • Unapologetics  February 2, 2014

        I’m just making a list of things I have not responded to yet

    • Unapologetics  February 3, 2014


    • jonP  February 4, 2014


      • Unapologetics  February 4, 2014

        Hey, sorry. I guess this thread was confusing. I just wanted to make a list for myself of things that I still needed to respond to so I could come back to them later. And, if you felt there was a point you made somewhere that I overlooked, you could mention it here as well so I could go back to it. I did not mean this to come across as me telling YOU that you still need to respond to something.


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