Why this blog?

For several years now I’ve been involved in conversations on numerous topics relating to religion, science, philosophy etc. on different online forums or on other people’s blogs. This blog will allow me to have all that I write in one central location.

Why unapologetics?

Quite often I run into people who think Apologetics is the practice of making excuses for (apologizing for) believing silly ideas. For such people, a better term to use seems to be Unapologetics. At least it denotes that I am not in the least embarrassed in my beliefs and consider them far less silly than those of my opponents.

Who is this blog for?

I find that much of the time these days I end up getting into discussions with Atheists or Agnostics, and this blog will probably reflect that. But I am sure that I will end up having plenty of material addressing other topics as well.

What is your overall opinion of the theism/atheism debate?

In my opinion much of the debate that goes on these days is extremely unproductive because the parties are arguing from different premises and yet never addressing those premises. The opponents usually end up speaking past each other, the arguments never meeting head to head and, as a result, those who share the premises of each party end up feeling that their party is in the right. Each side leaves the debate more confirmed in their previous opinion and seldom is any real progress made. This issue is one of the things I will try to develop in more detail on this blog.


Writing is not my forte. Many of the people I have conversations with are far more articulate than myself. I write not because I am good at it but because I have something to bring across. Apologies if my writing is not up to your standards.

Any other question I should address in this “About” section?

Let me know.