If You Have Thoughts on Nature of Sin/Christ

If you have any thoughts on the topics revolving QOD, nature of sin, nature of Christ, perfection etc., feel free to contribute to this [...]

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Traditional vs ‘Progressive’ Adventism

(Partial List) 1) 1844, the sanctuary, the investigative judgment Traditional - The sanctuary doctrine is the backbone around which all other doctrines revolve. 1844 [...]

Adventists and the Latter Rain

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit is a topic that has been of significant interest to Adventists both historically and today. The early church was established in large part [...]

Paul vs. Social Justice

'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.’ Gal 3:28 "Let every man abide in [...]

On Ellen White and Sola Scriptura

The Christian world has made many mistakes over the centuries since the time of the apostles and has suffered severe consequences as a result. When the protestant reformation [...]

10 Failed Anti-Evolution Strategies

These are some of the common approaches used against Evolution that have failed to crack in any way the monopoly that the theory holds within the Scientific Community: 1) [...]

Long Conversation with ‘Progressive’ Adventist on the Investigative Judgment

Carmen, I'm wondering if you would allow me to try to resolve your concerns with the investigative judgment. And, if so, I would start with a question: Suppose you are [...]

Theodicy Conversation

This is a long conversation I had with several people regarding problem passages in the Bible and [...]

Two Versions of Christian Theodicy

There are generally two versions of theodicy in Christendom. The simpler and more popular one can be called the Unknowableness of God Theodicy. It simply states that, for any [...]