If You Have Thoughts on Nature of Sin/Christ

If you have any thoughts on the topics revolving QOD, nature of sin, nature of Christ, perfection etc., feel free to contribute to this [...]

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The Ultimate Resurrection

Around the end of the first century A.D., when the Roman Empire was at the pinnacle of its power, the emperor decided to call a gathering of high officials from all the [...]

Atheistic Fallacies

I generally respect Atheism as a concept. When life’s difficulties hit home, they certainly bring with them doubts regarding the existence of God. And, more than this, the [...]

A Response to M. Boudry on Methodological Naturalism

This is a work in progress. There are two main positions that atheists take in relation to the role of naturalism in science and my paper tries to explain why both positions [...]

Problem Solving

  I love this man's ability to come up with amazing solutions to the most complex [...]

How We Ought To Think

The Ted.com video below is an example of how I wish people would think about the large problems we face as a church. To all appearances, the problem of violence seems [...]