High Certainty, Low Certainty or Arbitrary

Over the past few months I've spent a lot of time thinking about Christian Epistemology and the foundational logic of how different groups in Christianity [...]

A Rationale of Revelation/Inspiration

In this post I will attempt to describe the rationale behind the Protestant Epistemic Model as defined here: [...]

The Epicurean Trilemma

The argument from suffering is a popular argument against God, even though it's been addressed long ago. The argument goes something like this: Is God [...]

Bible Prophecy for Atheists

For over ten years now I've been meaning to start an article series called, 'Bible Prophecy for Atheists' with the tagline, 'Helping atheists interpret bible [...]

Is Sin Action or Nature?

I've explained in my previous post that the debate about the nature of Christ in the SDA church has failed to take into account a very important factor: that [...]

Traducianism, Soul Creationism and the Nature of Christ

One question that has perplexed the Christian church over the centuries has been the issue of how the rational soul is passed down from parent to [...]

Two Versions of Adventism

From its earliest days, Christian theology has been in conflict. As the gospel spread throughout the Roman Empire, it captured the interest of the simple and [...]

Desmond Ford and the Investigative Judgment

Over the years, I have looked for simpler and simpler ways to explain why Desmond Ford 's 3-pronged attack on Adventist theology was so persuasive and yet, why [...]