How To Fix Adventism – The Conversation Part II

(Please be sure to read Part 1 first.) In part one of this two-part series we concluded that a theology of church-caused delay is indispensable to a rational [...]

The Conversation Adventists Are Not Having

There are many conversations currently taking place among Seventh-day Adventists: conversations about women’s ordination, homosexuality, and evolution in our [...]

How Adventism Ended The Gospel Wars

You might think that, although Christians disagree on a lot of topics, they at least agree on the central theme of their religion: the gospel. But no such [...]

How Evangelicals Neutered Adventism

The History Some sixty years ago Walter Martin, who was an evangelical Cult expert, met with a group of Adventist leaders to determine 'from the horse's [...]

Christians, Scientific Methodology and Evolution

The theory of evolution has sparked much controversy among Christians. Some might even argue that this idea has done more to undermine the authority of [...]

Manual For Debating Atheists

New Introduction As this material has been out for a while and has received significant amount of feedback I decided to write a new introduction that will [...]