Biblical vs Andreasenist LGT

This is a comment I left for an LGT supporter who shared my investigative judgment article on one of spectrum magazine’s Desmond Ford articles:

Thank you for sharing my paper.

However, you are incorrect that I reject LGT. What I reject is Andreasenist LGT. Here is the difference between Biblical LGT and Andreasenist LGT:

Biblical LGT
– There WILL be a last generation (obviously)
– Christ’s coming HAS been delayed. (Adventist theology collapses otherwise, as I demonstrate in the first chapter of this book:
– Evangelicals believe human beings have an immortal soul and that this soul was tainted when Adam sinned. They believe that this taint was later passed on through the immaterial soul to all his progeny. Adventists are not dualists and therefore the Evangelical debate about the Nature of Christ does not make sense within Adventist theology. (See this for more details:
– Because we are not dualists (see above article) sinless perfection IS possible. However, it is not necessary for salvation EVER.
– There WILL be a generation of Christlike Christians (whether sinlessly perfect or not) that will help prepare the world for the close of probation (see this for more details and also the second chapter of the book above).

Andreasenist LGT
In the early 20th century, ML Andreasen came to the conclusion that Christ’s coming had been delayed and proposed that the reason for this delay was that God needed a significant number of people to reach sinless perfection before God can win the great controversy and defeat Satan.

Now it boggles the mind that the Adventists of his generation did not slap him upside the head for such heresy. What’s even crazier however is how many people have bought into this nonsense even up to the present. So let’s think through the implications of this theory for a second:

If Jesus had failed in any way during His mission on earth, people like Moses, Elijah and Enoch who were already in heaven would have had to come back down and die with the rest of humanity. By implication, if Satan cannot be defeated without the complete victory of the last generation, their failure would have to mean the same thing. Their victory therefore, would also have to mean that they were almost as much humanity’s saviors as Christ Himself. Throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity the saved would sing their praises alongside Christ since, after all, Christ overcame having never had an experiential knowledge of sin while these people, after having been slaves of sin for years or decades. We cringe when we hear about cloistered monks trying to live righteously enough to earn extra merits not only for themselves but for other people as well. And yet, this last generation is doing the same thing, not just for a few people, but for the entire human race.

Now someone will here argue that the victory of the last generation is by grace not works, a miracle accomplished by God and not something done through the power of man. But if that’s true, it can no longer be said that this is any kind of demonstration or that this is what’s delaying Christ’s coming, as Andreasen claims. If God does the miracle Himself, nothing is really demonstrated and the delay is really God’s fault because He hasn’t yet performed this crucial miracle. If it’s not God’s doing, then the last generation WILL have something to boast about before God.

Even worse than this ludicrous theology, is the practical effect of this line of reasoning. People think Jesus has not come because they are not perfect enough, so they try even harder to be perfect. But, when Jesus still doesn’t come, they question their own sincerity and commitment. Also, this is why you see so many Adventists separating from their brothers and sisters to associate with only the more dedicated Adventists from self supporting ministries etc. If Jesus hasn’t come because of their lack of perfection, they need to keep themselves surrounded with near-perfect people so that they have a chance in attaining perfection as well. Ironically, the people most eager to hasten Christ’s coming have been the very ones most responsible for delaying it, since what God really wanted from them was to join forces with their brothers and sisters and to take the gospel to the world.

Andreasenist LGT supporters have zero chance of getting anywhere against the likes of Ford. It’s like trying to cure cancer with AIDS. In fact, had it not been for Andreasen’s heretical influence, it is highly unlikely that Ford’s apostasy would have resonated with anyone else in the church, had he even apostatized altogether.

The biggest problem with Ford’s arguments is that they are peripheral; they only scratch the surface of the Investigative Judgment banking on the fact that most people are superficial thinkers and will not dig much further beneath that surface ( ). He’s already been checkmated but continues to elegantly move his pieces because his fans won’t notice anyway. But the degree to which Andreasenism plays into his narrative must not any longer be overlooked. If the church continues to tolerate this heresy within its borders and does not take a firm stand against it, it will lose any power it still has in dealing with Ford-like attacks both from within and outside the denomination.

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