Adventists and the 10-Year-Plan

What is the 10-year Plan?

It is an exposition of Bible prophecy alongside current events giving the ‘strong impression’ that Jesus will very likely return in less than ten years.

Key Points

– The presenters of this plan never actually verbalize the 10-year claim thus avoiding the accusation of ‘Time Setting.’

Instead, they outline a list of events that were expected to happen according to Bible prophecy, they point out that a good portion of that list has recently happened in quick succession, and, the listener is left to conclude that the remaining items cannot possibly take more than a few years to occur given current political conditions.

– At times the prophetic interpretation is dubious but in many cases it lines up almost perfectly with traditional Adventist thought.

– The presenters themselves are sincere and passionate, conform to one’s expectations of faithful Adventists, and are actively living up to the light they are sharing often after having made significant life adjustments (left high-paying jobs, etc.).

The Problem

– For over a century, Adventists all over the world have been presented numerous such 10-year-plans every decade.

– Almost every single one sounded equally as credible at the time as the ones being shared today.

How Adventists Should Think About the Second Coming

– The following perspective might be challenging to accept but cannot be rejected without also abandoning key Adventist doctrines like the Sanctuary doctrine, the Great Controversy and our understanding of Daniel and Revelation.

The Conversation Adventists are NOT Having

  1. Just curious what you think about this:
    “You will not be able to say that He will come in one, two, or five years, neither are you to put off His coming by stating that it may not be for ten or twenty years.”
    –RH March 22, 1892.

    • I agree. There’s always a chance that God will find another way to do what the church has been unwilling to do. That doesn’t change our responsibility in any way.

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