Bible Prophecy for Atheists

For over ten years now I've been meaning to start an article series called, 'Bible Prophecy for Atheists' with the tagline, 'Helping atheists interpret bible prophecy correctly so they can attempt to refute it intelligently.' These days however I see the need rather to write an article with the same title, not for Atheists but for Christians. The [...]

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Is Sin Action or Nature?

I've explained in my previous post that the debate about the nature of Christ in the SDA church has failed to take into account a very important factor: that Adventists don't [...]

Traducianism, Soul Creationism and the Nature of Christ

One question that has perplexed the Christian church over the centuries has been the issue of how the rational soul is passed down from parent to child. Starting with the [...]

Two Versions of Adventism

From its earliest days, Christian theology has been in conflict. As the gospel spread throughout the Roman Empire, it captured the interest of the simple and educated alike. [...]

Desmond Ford and the Investigative Judgment

Over the years, I have looked for simpler and simpler ways to explain why Desmond Ford 's 3-pronged attack on Adventist theology was so persuasive and yet, why it was so [...]

Framing the Investigative Judgment Argument

I've had hundreds of conversations with Adventists, ex-Adventists and Evangelicals regarding the Investigative Judgment, and, the majority of them, as soon as they realize [...]

New Site IntelligentAdventist.Com

Just created a mirror site that contains only the full-scale articles from this site. Better suited for [...]

QOD – A Way Forward

(This is an article that I am currently preparing for publication that still needs some work but needed to have it here for easy access so others can provide [...]

For the Christian Apologetic Alliance

My partial book 'How to Debate Atheists' was showcased on the Christian Apologetics Alliance forum and I was asked to comment further on the book. Here are some of my [...]

Traditional vs ‘Progressive’ Adventism

(Partial List) 1) 1844, the sanctuary, the investigative judgment Traditional - The sanctuary doctrine is the backbone around which all other doctrines revolve. 1844 [...]