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Hello and thank you for visiting my personal site. The purpose of this site is to provide basic information about myself and my background as well as to direct visitors to various things I am involved in.


I was born in Romania and came to the United States when I was 10 years old.  I am married and have a young son. I currently reside in Southern California.


I have an undergraduate degree in Biology, a science teaching credential (have taught high-school Biology) and have attended the seminary at Andrews University.


In 2009, Adrian Zahid and I started a web development and marketing firm that has over the years evolved into a marketing and management consulting firm. We work with both businesses and non-profits helping to improve sustainability, operations and process, marketing strategy, technology integration and strategy implementation. You can find out more about us at Zahid|Manea LLC.


Over the years I have worked as a youth pastor, Bible worker and teacher and have helped with numerous ministries in various capacities. Currently, my focus is on completing several writing projects although I still consult for other ministries either on an informal or formal basis. My next major project will be a church plant.

Please visit my company’s Facebook page for more information on our ministry consulting services. Depending on our availability, you can either schedule a free phone/Skype consultation or you can hire us to come to your location, do a full assessment of your program and provide you with an in-depth analysis.

I have over the past 20 years spent thousands of hours debating topics like Theism/Atheism, Calvinism/Arminianism, Evolution/Intelligent Design/Creationism etc. Feel free to visit my blogs: Unapologetics for atheist and non-Christian audiences, and Conversations written for Christians.

I am available for speaking, preaching, teaching or debate appointments.


You can reach me by leaving a message below. Or, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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